Company culture

What it’s like to work for Octopol

If there is one thing that we would like you to know about us, it’s that we don’t do ordinary.

Each member of the Octopol team shares in the pursuit of extraordinary results. We’re in the business of pushing the boundaries of innovation to create best-in-class statistical models that exceed the expectations of what’s possible.

Success for us means working together as a team to maximise the potential of AI and human ingenuity to consistently make discoveries that improve the efficiency of our predictive technologies.

We are able to continually become better at what we have set out to do because of the individual contributions of our employees.

At Octopol, we believe in fostering an environment where employees are able to thrive. This means that we place a high value on each individual and the value that they bring to our organization.

It also means that while we are busy making extraordinary things happen, we make sure to have some fun!

“We believe that by finding the joy in our work, we are able to get the most from our teammates, positioning us as leaders in the field.”

Octopol Core Values


In everything we do, we work towards making the most of what we have available to us.


We attribute much of our success to our value for innovative thinking.  Approaching problems differently leads to breakthrough solutions.


Breakthrough comes when we continue pushing through the difficulties.  We are a team that knows how to push through.


We believe that teams are successful when each member is accountable for their own success as well as for the company as a whole.

Team Work

Working together towards clearly defined shared goals is crucial to us.  We achieve more when we work as a unified team.