About Octopol

a move ahead.

Since 2009, Octopol has been innovating in the field of predictive technologies, combining the latest breakthroughs in data science with the passion and experience of real-world experts.


Our proprietary systems are leveraged by Octopol’s closed network of associated companies to maximize the value of its investments. The company is privately held and independently supported.

Rdefining possible

We persevere until problems are solved and impossible becomes possible.

It’s our passion and drive to keep discovering, along with our unique range of knowledge and experience, that has positioned us as leaders in the field of predictive technologies.

Once we catch a glimpse of what might be possible, we push the boundaries of AI to create capabilities that exceed expectations.

We’ve been innovating for more than a decade, consistently developing our technologies and our team of industry leaders to remain a move ahead.

Career opportunities at Octopol

As a self-funded private company, we are not beholden to the whims of investors or markets, which means that our employees come to work every day with security and stability.

We leverage cutting-edge breakthroughs in technology to consistently improve on the accuracy of our predictive technologies.