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Advanced predictive technologies for competitive sporting events

Imagine that it was possible to predict the future

We did

AI Research and Development


Custom-built Statistical Models

Octopol is a research and development center committed to designing the most accurate event prediction tools in the market.

Our talented team of experienced data scientists, researchers and developers maximise the potential of AI to build statistical models that continually exceed expectations by turning yesterday’s impossible into today’s reality.

This is How We Remain a Move Ahead


Our custom-built statistical models analyse and turn raw data from multiple sources to actionable intelligence.


Machine learning allows us to not only process data, but use it to make the most accurate predictions possible.


We continually reach new heights by combining the latest breakthroughs in data science with the passion and innovation of our real-world experts.

Employ the Best!

We look for people with the talent, drive and determination to help us consistently remain a move ahead.

We develop best-in-class mathematical & statistical models for predictions in the sports industry.

Harnessing the full potential of AI together with human expertise.

Could a career at Octopol be your next move?

Our team is made up of passionate data scientists and back end developers with the drive to innovate and ideate beyond the ordinary. If this sounds like you, explore our careers section and find out more about who we are and how we do things.